Casio has always been on top of technology. As you can see through the years, Casio evolute, invents, create and set the new standards.
Casio calculators that marked milestones in history of modern technology (Informative pages for each of them will be created in the near future and more calculators will be added)
The calculators pictured do NOT match their actual dimensions.

Casio 14-A (1957)
World's first fully electric compact relay calculator
Casio 001 (1965)
World's first electronic calculator with memory function
Casio AL-1000 (1967)
World's first programmable calculator
Casio Mini (1972)
World's first personal calculator
Casio FX-10 (1974)
World's first personal scientific calculator
Casio Pocket-LC (1975)
Casio's first LCD display calculator
Casio CQ-1 (1976)
Casio's first compound calculator
Casio SL-800 (1983)
World's thinnest calculator (0.8mm)
Casio FX-7000G (1985)
World's first Graphing calculator
Casio FX-82ES (2004)
World's first scientific calculator with natural mathematic display
Casio Prizm FX-CG10 (2010)
World's first High resolution screen calculator.
World's first picture plot function calculator.