Casio 14-A

Production started : June 1957
Production Ended : September 1959
Original Price : 485,000 Yen
Dimension 1080 × 780 × 445 mm
Weight 140 kg
Produced in Japan
Power 100V
Consumption 300W
Type of calculator Desk
Display Iluminating pad
No of digits 14
Category Desk sized calculator
Memory 3 groups of 5 component digits
Technology 342 Relays calculator
Quantity Produced  


Display consists of a table comprising 14 columns of 10 digits (from 0 to 9). The display of the result is then made by illuminating a figure by column. The comma is posted by a small luminous point on the bottom of the columns.

The keyboard of the 14-A has a 10 numbers keypad and was the first calculator of not having a complete set of ten numbers keys.
Moreover, it has a single bill-poster as well showing the seizure as the result, and not three bill-posters showing the two seized numbers and the result, as was common in this time. The single bill-poster, who will become current, is revolutionary for the time and is one of the reasons of the compactness of the computer/calculator.
The name 14-A indicates that the computer has a capacity of 14 digits and that it is the first product, from where the first letter of the alphabet.